Artificial Lawns

Installing artificial turf is a Win-Win situation!  Save a lot of time and money over the years on lawn Maintainance and Go Green at the same time.

Backyard Artificial Grass

Replace Your Grass With Artificial Turf

Artificial Grass Lawn Replacement

Some of our clients opt to have their entire existing lawn replaced with artificial turf.

Forget About Watering

Your artificial grass is going to look great whether you remember to water it or not.

Install Turf In Your Fenced In Backyard

Simply installing turf in a fenced-in backyard is one of our most popular applications.

Forget About Mowing & Fertilizing

Of clients love the time and money they save after having us install their artificial turf.

Artificial Turf Sale

Buy Artificial Turf For Lawns

Contact us for a free consultation and quote for the perfect turf for your new artificial grass lawn.

Turf Design and Install

Hire Us To Install Your Artificial Lawn

Callaway Greens has professional installation crews ready to install your artificial lawn.

Artificial Turf Solves Problems In Lawns

Having grass in close proximity to your pool offers a great look.

The problem is cutting this grass without getting clippings in the pool proves to be a challenge each and every mow.

This problem is solved by artificial turf.  The fact that is doesn’t need to be mowed makes it perfect for the material to use surrounding your pool.

Synthetic turf is also perfect for patios.

Astro Turf by Pool

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