Artificial Grass Installation

Let’s cover the basics of what you need to know when it comes to installing artificial grass.

How To Install Artificial Grass

Installing your turf starts with determining where you are planning to install the turf.  Depending on the use of this area, will determine if certain steps in the installation process will be required.

Learn about all of the uses for artificial grass if you are unfamiliar or browse the 11 types of artificial turf we sell and install.

Once you know where the grass will go and how it will be used, you can be preparing the area to install the turf.  Once prepared, the process begins from the ground up.  There is a lot going on under the artificial grass you see on top.

Once all of the substrates have been installed, the turf is laid on top. All seams are hidden and all borders are finished before laying the turf is complete.

Some turf types require infill.  Infill is spread over the turf and then worked into the turf evenly using special brooms.

The final step is to double-check all seams and borders.

After that, all that is left is to enjoy your turf!  Request your artificial turf installation quote now!

Callaway Greens Installs Artificial Turf

If you are located within our installation service area ranging from Atlanta, GA to Chattanooga, TN, and everywhere in between and nearby, we can handle the installation of your artificial turf.