Artificial Turf Patios

Installing turf is an easy way to add interest to your patio.

Turf Covered Stairs

Artificial Turf Living Areas

Easy Cleanup

Handling spills on your artificial grass is quick and easy.  Hose off liquid spills and sweep or vacuum up anything else.

Kid Friendly

Kids just think artificial grass is cool!  There is nothing potentially harmful to children regarding artificial turf.

Ability to Take Traffic

Our turf was made to last.  Feel confident installing our turf even in areas that receive heavy foot traffic.

Pet Friendly

Your pets will really appreciate a cooler, softer ground to lay on.  Learn more about artificial turf for pets.

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Contact us for a free consultation and quote for the perfect turf for your new patio turf.

Turf Design and Install

Hire Us To Install Your Patio Turf

Callaway Greens has professional installation crews ready to install your patio’s new surface.

Get Creative With Your Turf Patio

Artificial turf is a great way to break up hardscape elements in your landscape.

Artificial turf requires about the same amount of maintenance as concrete, brick, or pavers.  As you may know, this is not much!

Artificial grass is perfect for islands of grass in landscapes also.

Astro Turf Patio

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